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When asked to provide the stage for a Status Quo show at Parc y Scarlets in Llanelli, we were told there were a few challenges to overcome. The biggest being that the concert was taking place just one week before their televised opening game of the season and that their new pitch had already been laid. We also had to work to a compressed build schedule of 24 hour which included getting the trackway laid and a number of shifts. This was to keep the amount of time that areas of the pitch would be covered to an absolute minimum. During this time there were a number of trackway moves and the way in which that stage is traditionally built was changed to work with the trackway configuration. Specific engineering was done to establish the minimum pad size that could be used beneath the structure – a combination of 4 different sizes was used. The PA was also hung from scaffold towers to keep pitch coverage to a minimum. The end result was that the show was a huge success and future events are being planned.