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Summer 2017 saw the launch of the new Apollo Roof, available in 15m and 20m formats. The design reduces the amount of work that has to be done at height, offers greater rigging loads of 2.5 tonnes per arch and has a higher trim height of 8.4m for the 15m and 9.1m for the 20m, giving production scope to be more creative. With direct hangs from the node points and the ability to use kader clamps and truss purlins, the team can work with you to make rigging in the roof simple. Over the summer there has been great feedback from clients, production and artists that it’s a great stage to work and perform on. The design also requires less ballast than traditional curved roofs making transport costs more effective. Clients know that when they book a 15m roof they are actually getting a performance area between the arch legs that is 15m wide. There are also lots of effective branding opportunities available with the Apollo Roof