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The rules are simple: three minutes, two players, one ball, one winner. This is Red Bull Street Style, the world’s premier freestyle football tournament.

Red Bull brought in NoNonsense to build a bespoke 8.4m round stage at a height of 1.4m for this showcase event at London’s Roundhouse. NoNonsense also built a judges box. A second practice stage of the same size was built at Goodenough College in London.

Photograph by Sam Vidic, Red Bull

Photograph by Sam Vidic, Red Bull

Red Bull Street Style burst onto the scene in 2008 with a World Final held in Brazil and since then has travelled to South Africa, Italy, Tokyo and Brazil. .

In 2016 Red Bull Street Style conquered the UK. The world’s best freestyle footballers rocked London’s Roundhouse, with Carlos Alberto Iacono of Argentina winning the men’s World Championship and Mélody Donchet of France securing the women’s title.

“Wanted to say a massive thank you to you and your team at Red Bull Street Style, the stage worked great and your team were brilliant”

Red Bull Events Manager

Main photograph by Olaf Pignataro, Red Bull