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Once again the NoNonsense team built the iconic Temple Stage in Heaton Park, Manchester. This time their new 20m Apollo roof was built behind the Temple to complete the performance space for the myriad of globally acclaimed DJs.


In addition, the team were asked to create a new space where the feel was the outside inside. After a number of design and development meetings with the organisers, The Arches were seen at the top of the hill overlooking the Temple Stage. The three steel arches created an imposing feature visible across the site. The two outer arches spanned 50m with the centre arch at 45m and reaching a height of almost 16m using mainly components from our Atlas Roof with only a limited amount of special fabrications required. Each arch offered a weight loading of 30 tonnes which is something the production team have not been able to enjoy before. The 7m high DJ platform was covered by bespoke black roof sheets to enhance the outside inside feel.